Workshop: Distric Heating Of The Future

Following the 7th IEA SHC TASK 55 Expert Meeting in Härnösand Absolicon in hosing a workshop focusing on districal heating in the future and solar energy.

In the workshop, district heating experts will paint a picture of the current and future operating conditions for district heating networks in Sweden. You will in groups investigate what role solar district heating can have to solve the problems in the sector.
You will also get a presentation of the ongoing collaboration between municipalities and companies in the region called  ”Framtidens Fjärrvärme”. The objective of the collaboration is to present plans for innovation projects in district heating.
The day will also include a visit to the local district heating provider that has a solar panel field by Absolicon connected to its district heating network.

Date: October 9
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Location: Absolicon Fiskaregatan 11, Härnösand


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